Quantity Versus Quality: What’s More Important In BPO Industry

First things first, quality and quantity cannot exist simultaneously. For example, it takes a longer time to produce high-quality products. On the other side, you have to compromise with quality when a large number of products are required. However, the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry has been trying to make a perfect balance between the two terms.

In the BPO industry, productivity and efficiency are important factors for the success. BPO outsourcing is one of the most rapidly growing sectors of outsourcing services. From data entry and accounts to finance and accounting outsourcing services, there are plenty of BPO call centre services modern organizations choose to outsource. These days, the demand for information technology outsourcing services is rising rapidly.

By 2020, the global BPO industry is expected to reach $220 billion. Now the question is ‘What’s important for BPO: quality or quantity?’

According to experts, BPOs go for quality without compromising quantity. It is a big reason service providers charge only for the services they provide. Let’s explore how different BPO sectors react to quality and quantity.

  • Performance- Quality And Quantity

The two terms play a major role in the performance of an outsourcing service providing company. In the business world, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and performance metrics are used to measure the service provider’s quality and quantity. However, they are different from each other. Qualitative measures are beneficial for clients while quantitative metrics focus on a company.

In case of customer contact centre’s agents, the performance is measured by analysing their average waiting and handling time. Apart from that, they are evaluated by the job completion rate. All these come under quantitative key performance indicators. There are quality call centres too in the outsourcing industry whose focus is on revenue-based performance metrics. Here, the revenue is generated from earning per call. An agent’s success is measured by considering the amount pulled through a call.

There are various other KPIs that BPO companies use to analyse the performance of agents. They include first call resolutions and customer satisfaction scores.

  • Human Resource- Quality And Quantity

In the last few years, outsourcing services have experienced a remarkable growth. As they are reliable and cost-effective, big and small organizations worldwide look for and hire the best outsourcing services to perform tedious yet important tasks. The flexibility in work makes BPO a useful sector to work with.

To fulfil the rising demand for BPO services, many reputed outsourcing companies keep on hunting for talented individuals to include them in their pool of specialists. Instead of hiring more and more people, they focus on choosing candidates who are experienced and flexible to work as per a client’s need.

As per experts, HR in BPO industry should focus on quality instead of quantity. Service providers must have talented individuals with lots of creative skills, such as flexibility, creative thinking, effective communication, problem-solving, and leadership.

  • How BPO Can Make A Balance Between Quality And Quantity?

Although quality and quantity are two opposite terms and you cannot achieve both of them at the same time, you can make a right balance between them. It is possible to provide quality services in a reasonable quantity.

Many outsourcing companies like Wopno Outsourcing Services support their employees and give them the necessary training to improve the quality and quantity at the same time. For example, employees can develop skills to solve time-consuming problems without calling a client again and again. This will save their time for other tasks. The best outsourcing companies hire talented individuals who have all those necessary skills that may be required to complete an outsourcing project.

These companies provide their employees time and training to improve their skills to make a balance between quality and quantity. However, their major focus is always on quality.

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